40 Day Journey with Julian of Norwich: Day 3

And in this He showed me something small, no bigger than a hazelnut, lying in the palm of my hand, and I perceived that it was as round as any ball. I looked at it and thought: What can this be? And I was given this general answer: it is everything which is made. I was amazed that it could last, for I thought that it was so little that it could suddenly fall away into nothing. And I was answered in my understanding: it lasts and always will, because God loves it; and thus everything has being through the love of God…In this little thing I saw three properties. The first is that God made it, the second is He loves it, and the third is that God preserves it.

Reading: Genesis 1:1, 31a

Psalm 8:3-4

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  1. I love the idea that there is lots of mystery allowed by our God of , God to us.
    Thanks for a very intetesting posting

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