Signs and Wonders

Today I took a rest from writing, and I went out into Norwich for a walk. I took my camera with the intention of photographing “Signs and Wonders”. Here is what I did – largely unedited, as they are.

Pub Signs


What can I say? I love doors, especially these rustic medieval ones. Norwich has lots of them.

St. George’s Colegate

Elm Hill

This is where they filmed Jingle Jangle, the new Christmas film that has been released on Netflix. I am excited to see it because one of my former students is in it!

The Britons Arms is the first place I stopped to have lunch when I first moved to Norwich. A friend who is interested in history read that the museum had documents to suggest it was was a Beguinage! This part of Norwich is steeped in medieval spirituality.

The Octagon Chapel

Honestly, I have absolutetly no idea why there are yellow teapots in the tree outside The Octagon Chapel! It is a genuine wonder.

Heritage Signs

I cannot believe I only took pictures of two of these. What was I thinking?

The Old Bank of England Court.

I had a job interview in here the first time I ever came to Norwich. I did not get that job, but I did like the city. A few months later, I got a better job at the University, and so I moved here.

And finally, a strange place to be selling art.

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