Diary of a Sunflower. 23 August, year 1

He seeks to accomplish His purpose in my life. 

Psalm 105 from Psalms/Now; Leslie F.Brandt

Through my marriage my children were born, and Prince came to believe in God.

He has bridged impassable rivers and moved impossible mountains. 

Psalm 105 from Psalms/Now; Leslie F.Brandt

 That Tenderness and I have been together and loved at all is testament to this. If God did this before, then He can do it again, even though I can’t see how. I must trust, both God and the love that Tenderness and I have. If we are meant to be together, we will be. And, if not, I will cope because: 

He will secure and guide me through the perilous future. 

Psalm 105 from Psalms/Now; Leslie F.Brandt

God has always been there, maybe in the background and I have not come close recently. This is nice to take some time out from the world and to feel His intensity again. 

I am more sensitive to the needs of others because of my marriage. I am more able to ignore my own wants (and needs) for the sake of another. I am able to love better because of my marriage. Perhaps this was also part of Your purpose? To make me better able to love? 

I have had a good day today. There have been moments when I’ve been overcome with emotion. Not sad, just touched with poignancy. I still find it difficult to do “God talk”. Now that I have been “in the world” so long, and not too involved. I’ve produced a picture from my meditation this afternoon. The place where I went to with the impassable river and the impossible mountain. There is an eagle in the picture and a person of indeterminate gender. It’s about me (and Tenderness?), and hope and love. Perhaps one day, one of us will be able to release ourselves from the ties that hold us. I’m going to frame the larger version when I get home. I need to be patient and to trust. 

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