Diary of a Sunflower: 28 November, year 1

I’m having doubts about my relationship with Tenderness. About my feelings? Maybe. About his? Probably. I don’t know. He doesn’t seem to look forward to seeing me very much. I make the effort to travel to see him, and so far, that hasn’t been reciprocated – although he does promise. Only, I’m beginning to ask myself now – is it worth it? 

I’m weary with work at the moment. The students are so rude and it’s just a struggle. I’m not enjoying it much at the moment. 

I need to do more exercise apparently – it will make me less tired! More running JC has suggested? I might give it a go. 

2 thoughts on “Diary of a Sunflower: 28 November, year 1”

  1. I did not undersyand this ?

    Oops sorry but maybe the fault lies with me ?
    A relationship with Tenderness?
    Who is talking to who, here ?

  2. Hi Bill,
    Diary of a Sunflower is a story of a woman’s spiritual journey through life and relationships, consolations and desolations. It is about finding God in all things, and it is a journey deeper into God, and of self discovery. The names of the characters, in the style of Bunyan’s “The Pilgrims Progress” reveal their essence, from her perspective. I am using the form of a diary, like Bridget Jones Diary, because it lends itself well to an informal, authentic voice, although there is also the voice of a narrator and her prayer, and God within her prayer. These other voices and prayer use different fonts. Enjoy.

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