40 Day Journey with Julian of Norwich: Day 2

[At the point of death, Julian is gazing at a crucifix]. And at this, suddenly I saw the red blood running down from under the crown, hot and flowing freely and copiously, a living stream, just as it was at the time when the crown of thorns was pressed on His blessed head. I perceived, truly and powerfully, that is was He who just so, both God and man, himself suffered for me, who showed it to me without intermediary. And…suddenly the Trinity filled my heart full of the greatest joy, and I understood that it will be so in heaven without end to all who will come there. For the Trinity is God, God is the Trinity. The Trinity is our maker, the Trinity is our protector, the Trinity is our everlasting lover, the Trinity is our endless joy and our bliss, by our Lord Jesus Christ, and in our Lord Jesus Christ. And this was revealed in the first vision and in them all, for where Jesus appears the blessed Trinity is understood…The most important point to apprehend in His Passion is to meditate and come to see that He who suffered is God.

40 Day Journey with Julian of Norwich, edited Lisa E. Dahill

Reading: Isaiah 53:5

Psalm: 118:21-23

2 thoughts on “40 Day Journey with Julian of Norwich: Day 2”

  1. Suffering was discussed with my sister in law , who’s best friend has just died.
    Difficult when people almost blame one for beleiving in God.
    I said that there does appear to be necessay suffering in this life.
    Then she remembered that my wife had died and i too knew about that suffering.
    A most interesting piece from lady Julian. And in faith I beleive.
    But I wish all were different.
    And life were more simple.
    But alas it is complicated and full of mystery.
    Many thanks

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