Diary of a Sunflower: 31 January, Year 2.

Did a meditation tonight and I was so deep into it that I felt quite spaced out. I might have fallen asleep, but I don’t think so. I felt my arms tingling and then I felt warm. I remember the red wine and the water swirling in the chalice and being drawn deep into the eyes in my painting. I remember diving off the cliff, down the waterfall and into the water, turning round with my arms out, as if on the cross, and coming up to the surface. I remember holding Sedation’s face, JC pouring out the bitter wine and water from the jug, before I was drawn deep into it. I remember my mum, but not anything in particular. Stillness, and energy moving through my body – and I remember being lost – the time. I don’t remember when I might have been asleep – but I don’t think I was. I didn’t feel scared or unsure, as you might if you were lost. And Sedation was also there. Floating – I remember that feeling of being in the water, and I remember water filling up a rectangular cavity and overflowing on both sides. Will I lose myself in this love? 

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  1. What a wonderful experience.
    On Monday I slept at my brother’s place in London.
    I was the only one in the house and a rather large bed.
    I fell asleep at once and drifted up to what felt like “i think heaven could be ” And then floated back to earth and worked on a building site.
    I was digging a hole in the yard for a large swimming pool.
    Then i drifted up to that lively place again .
    And then after some time , back to digging the s/pool.
    The experience ended with me coming down again and swimming in a half full large swimming pool.
    Most enjoyable experience.

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