40 Day Journey with Julian of Norwich: Day 6

In [all] this delight I was filled full of everlasting surety, powerfully secured without any painful fear.This sensation was so welcome and so spiritual that I was wholly at peace, at ease and at rest, so that there was nothing upon Earth which could have afflicted me. This lasted only for a time, and then I was changed, and abandoned to myself, oppressed and weary of my life and ruing myself, so that I hardly had the patience to go on living…And then presently again God gave me comfort and rest for my soul…And then again I felt the pain, and then afterwards the delight and joy, now the one and now the other, again and again, I suppose about twenty times. and in the time of joy I could have said with St. Paul: Nothing shall separate me from the love of Christ; and in the pain I could have said with St. Peter: Lord, save me, I am perishing. And so we remain in this mixture all the days of our life; but [what breaks the impasse is that Christ] wants us to trust that He is constantly with us.

Reading: Romans 8:38-39

Psalm 31: 1a, 2

6 thoughts on “40 Day Journey with Julian of Norwich: Day 6”

  1. A very very difficult thing to experience
    Tried applying my mind to the picture painted here, but got no where.

  2. Just about the to jump into the bath and Whoopo
    I found my answer to your last blog.
    Not all things from a mistic or saint’s experience with Our Lord , needs be generic.
    That was St Julian’s unique time with God.
    Many other things she wrote about are for general consent, like ,”all will be well and all manner of things will be well”
    But I feel that Our good Lord would know to treat each one of us uniquely
    Personally I thing that is a horrible experience, one friend to another.
    And what I am observing is God knows each of us and interacts uniquely.?
    And omniscience
    And omnipresent
    He is

    1. What is it you think is a horrible experience? Is it the oscillation between pain and ecstasy that Julian describes? Ignatius tell us that although God does not cause desolation, He allows it so that we learn not rely on our own strength but in the grace that He gives.

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