40 Day Journey with Julian of Norwich: Day 11

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Then our good Lord put a question to me: Are you well satisfied that I suffered for you? I said: Yes, good Lord, all my thanks to you…Then Jesus our good Lord said: If you are satisfied, I am satisfied. It is a joy, a bliss, an endless delight to my that ever I suffered my Passion for you; and if I could suffer more, I would suffer more…For although the sweet humanity of Christ could suffer only once, His goodness can never cease offering it…The love which made Him suffer it surpasses all his sufferings, as much as heaven is above earth.

Reading: John 13:1b

Psalm 103:1a, 4-5

2 thoughts on “40 Day Journey with Julian of Norwich: Day 11”

  1. Mind boggling to think that the Creator himself , took on such suffering .
    It is a confusing concept
    And as I was not actually there ,
    I accept it by faith
    A world where the strong take from the weak , yet the Architect says no it should not be like that !
    What patience and humility Jesus has in allowing the wicked systems to continue

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