40 Day Journey with Julian of Norwich: Day 14

By saying every kind of thing will be well,…our good Lord [Jesus]…wants us ua to know that He takes heed not only of things which are noble and great, but also of those which are little and small, of humble [people] and simple, of this [person] and that [one]. and this is the supreme friendship of our courteous Lord, tha He protects us so tenderly whilst we are in our sins; and further more He touches us most secretly, and shows us our sins by the sweet light of mercy and grace. But when we see ourselves so foul, then we believe that God may be angry with us…Then we are moved by the Holy Spirit through contrition to prayer, and we desire with all our might an amendment of ourselves….And then our courteous Lord shows Himself to the soul, happily and with the gladest countenance, welcoming it as a friend, as if it had been in pain and in prison, saying: My dear darling, I am glad that you have come to me in all your woe. I have always been with you, and now you see me loving, and we are made one in bliss.

Reading: Luke 7: 44-47

Psalm 17:8

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