Diary of a Sunflower: 25 August, year 2

What do you want?

I want to be with You.

That is the extent of my prayer today. There were no technicolour pictures – just the question and my answer. I had a slight feeling of anguish that He might refuse, but a stronger feeling (hope) that of course He wouldn’t refuse – because that is what He wanted me to want. There is no more. What do I want from this retreat? I want to spend time with God – one on one, up close and personal. And this is His call to me. Being there is important. How can I explain this to my companion? The well is where I find Him, and where we stay when there is nothing else to do, and nowhere else to go. He is my refuge. There is nothing more blissful than being held by God; saying nothing, thinking nothing – just being safe, peaceful. Is it any wonder I don’t want to leave there? Protected. Loved. 

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