Praying with Images: Betrayal

Over the next few days, up to and including Easter Sunday, I will post an image with a more generic guided prayer for praying with images to use in this great climax to Holy Week. I will also post a Lectio Divina for Sunday. It did not feel appropriate at this point to present prayer on Sunday’s scripture, as I would usually do. I have also used different background music for this prayer, as befits the grace of sorrow for this Holy Week.

The Taking of Christ, Caravaggio
Praying with Images: Guided prayer
Background music: Benedictus performed by 2Cellos

2 thoughts on “Praying with Images: Betrayal”

  1. Judas betraying, identifying Jesus by giving a kiss as a sign ( this is him ) !
    Makes me think how easily people can be mislead
    This implies that mr plod , of the Roman guards did not know who Jesus was and never kept abreast of local happenings ( what’s new?)
    Also how insecure the high priests were and how they needed that added simple action to make sure it was Jesus who was arrested

    In a recent action book (read before lent) a similar event took place and the baddies were told to get rid of the one with glasses
    But another group had attached first and lost , but they had broken the main figures glasses
    And his body guard has taken the sun glasses of one of the second lot of baddies.

    Now when the real attack happened , the baddies went for the body guard
    ( because he had glasses on ) and they got a real hiding

    Always wondered why a kiss was necessary? And you ?
    Historically this looks like the main event at the time in history
    But is was probably not
    Although we would now claim how important it was, imagine if Jesus were not arrested and some chappie who happened to be at the wrong place wrong time was mistaken for Jesus ?

    Still trying to get my head around , the following;
    God appears to works through simple every day activities
    And they become spectacular historically

    1. You make a good point Bill, why was it necessary for Judas to kiss Him, when all they needed inside knowledge of was where and when He would be away from the adoring crowds? What was going on in the mind of Judas Iscariot at that moment? I don’t know, it is certainly something to ponder. I don’t expect things turned out the way Judas had anticipated, but I do wonder what he did expect.

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