40 Day Journey with Julian of Norwich: Day 24

And then our good Lord …showed me my soul in the midst of my heart. I saw the soul as wide as if it were an endless citadel, and also as if it were a blessed kingdom, and from the state which I saw in it, I understood that it is a fine city. In the midst of that city sits our Lord Jesus Christ, true God and true man…and He rules and guards heaven and earth and everything that is. The place that Jesus takes in our soul He will never more vacate, for in us is His home of homes, and it is the greatest delight for Him to dwell there. Greatly ought we to rejoice that God dwells in our soul; and more greatly ought we to rejoice that our soul dwells in God. Our soul is created to be God’s dwelling place, and the dwelling of our soul is God, who is uncreated. Marvelous and splendid is the place where the Lord dwells; and therefore He wants us promptly to attend to the touching of His grace, rejoicing more in His unbroken love than sorrowing over our frequesnt failings.

Reading: Revelation 21:2-3

Psalm: 84: 1-2

2 thoughts on “40 Day Journey with Julian of Norwich: Day 24”

  1. Just what the doctor ordered !
    “Rejoice more in His unbroken love

    Than sorrow over our frequent failings

    Many thanks

    1. Yes, I agree. It is too easy for us to focus on where we fail and we end up dwelling in the desolation pit of our own sinfulness. My own director encourages me to “follow the consolation” and the daily examen, while it does ask us to be aware of where we have turned away from God in our day, encourages us to be more aware of when we were in tune with God in our day and to express our sorrow and our resolve not to be turned away in the same manner tomorrow. Thus, we gradually become who we contemplate. I love that Julian and Ignatius are singing from the same hymn sheet so to speak, centuries and miles apart. And how both resonate still today and are just as relevant. More than an echo of truth in their words.

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