40 Day Journey with Julian of Norwich: Day 26

I’m falling a bit behind on my journey again so I put this here with optimism and the intention to catch up again.

Though my Lord revealed to me that I…[will] sin, by me is understood everyone. And in this I conceived a gentle fear, and in answer to this our Lord said: I protect you very safely. This word was said with more love and assurance of protection for my soul than I can or may tell. For just as it was first revealed to me that I should sin, so was consolation revealed – assurance of protection for all my fellow Christians. What can make me love my fellow Christians more than to see in God that He loves all who will be saved, all of them as if it were one soul? For we cannot be blessedly saved until we are truly in peace and love, for that is our salvation. [There we will be] wholly contented with God and with all His works and with all His judgements, and loving and content with ourselves and with our fellow Christians and with everything which God loves, as is pleasing to love. And God’s goodness does this in us.

Reading: John 17:22-23

Psalm 15: 5-6, 11

2 thoughts on “40 Day Journey with Julian of Norwich: Day 26”

  1. “He loves all who bc will be saved “
    What a wonderful bc statement
    Now is the meaning that,
    say a friend of mine is not interested at all in Our Lord and saviour
    He “ Br” would therefore not be included ?

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