40 Day Journey with Julian of Norwich: Day 37

Perhaps I am travelling slowly, but I am still on this journey!

All this familiar revelation of our courteous Lord is a lesson of love…For He wants us to know by the sweetness of His familiar love that all that we see or feel, within or without, which is in opposition to this is from the enemy and not from God…If we are moved to be more careless about our way of life or about the custody of our hearts, because we have knowledge of this plentiful love, then we have great need to beware of this impulse, should it come. It is false, and…has no resemblance to God’s will. [Yet] when we have fallen through weakness or blindness, then our courteous Lord, touching us, moves us and protects us…And with this our good Lord said most joyfully: See how I love you, as if He had said, my darling, behold and see your Lord, your God, who is your Creator and your endless joy; see your own brother.your saviour; my child, behold and see what delight and bliss I have in your salvation.

Reading: Isaiah 62:1b-3

Psalm 143: 10

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