Diary of a Sunflower: 3 June Year 4.

The diary entries are extracts from my spiritual journey, going back about twenty years.

No, I tell you this because I was told to tell it – by what you might call ‘ a higher authority’ – and truth is, the thought of how to tell it has taxed me for so many years.

Miss Garnet’s Angel, Sally Vickers

Life can be quite lonely sometimes. What do I want? Serenity, I want serenity. Do I have that with Sedation? – sometimes, in the sense of being, just being, in a quiet, tranquil sort of way but that deeper sort, knowing that JC is there, that’s more elusive. Meditation is difficult to get into, although the tai chi is doing me a lot of good.  

Serenity – that’s what I want in my life. I don’t believe it’s possible all the time – and maybe that would be boring? 

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