Diary of a Sunflower: 29 August, year 2

Nearly done now. I didn’t go with the Passion or the Resurrection. I reckon it would have taken me four days to recover from it and I don’t have that much time. I went back to the well for some rest, and I feel tranquil and calm again. I also went to confession last night so now my halo is positively glowing! In a way, I’ve already left here. I’m not getting deeply into prayer anymore but I’m staying until the end anyway. It’s been a good retreat all in all. Despite the original difficulties with my companion, we seemed to get there in the end. There are some things I want to explore when I get back home: Mary, from a different angle, Theresa of Avila, Julian of Norwich and St Francis de Salles. I might start with Theresa because my companion said she had ideas about Mary that she wanted to preach about if she had been allowed to be a priest. It seems such a long time ago since the beginning of the retreat. I’m looking forward to going home to see Dance and Song, and Sedation. 

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