40 Day Journey with Julian of Norwich: Day 23

I have now caught up on my journey after my illness, and I am carrying on my way.

And thus I saw that He wants us to know that He takes the falling of any creature who will be saved no harder than He took the falling of Adam, who, we know, was endlessly loved and safely protected in all the time of his need, and now is blissfully restored in great and surpassing joys. For our Lord God is so good, so gentle and so courteous that He can never assign final failure to those in whom He will always be blessed and praised. I saw and understood that very surely in each soul which will be saved there is a godly will which never assented to sin and never will. Therefore our Lord wants us to know…that we have all this blessed will whole and safe in our Lord Jesus Christ, because every nature with which heaven will be filled had of necessity…to be so joined and united in Him that in it a substance was kept which could never and should never be parted from Him.

Reading: Romans 7: 15, 20, 22-23

Psalm 139: 1-2, 4

2 thoughts on “40 Day Journey with Julian of Norwich: Day 23”

  1. Adam so enderlessley loved
    Always so wonderful to hear those stories as a reminder of how basically wonderful those people must be
    To be love by God 👍🌈
    Thanks again

  2. Oops sorry to comment so late
    ( go up fo a cuppa )
    Yes of course God loved ADAM
    Adam means man , mankind
    and Eve means means life

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